Get Comments Threads

  filter = NULL,
  part = "snippet",
  text_format = "html",
  simplify = TRUE,
  max_results = 100,
  page_token = NULL,



string; Required. named vector of length 1 potential names of the entry in the vector: video_id: video ID. channel_id: channel ID. thread_id: comma-separated list of comment thread IDs threads_related_to_channel: channel ID.


Comment resource requested. Required. Comma separated list of one or more of the following: id, snippet. e.g., "id, snippet", "id", etc. Default: snippet.


Data Type: Character. Default is "html". Only takes "html" or "plainText". Optional.


Data Type: Boolean. Default is TRUE. If TRUE, the function returns a data frame. Else a list with all the information returned.


Maximum number of items that should be returned. Integer. Optional. Default is 100. If the value is greater than 100 then the function fetches all the results. The outcome is a simplified data.frame.


Specific page in the result set that should be returned. Optional.


Additional arguments passed to tuber_GET.


Nested named list. The entry items is a list of comments along with meta information. Within each of the items is an item snippet which has an item topLevelComment$snippet$textDisplay that contains the actual comment.

If simplify is TRUE, a data.frame with the following columns: authorDisplayName, authorProfileImageUrl, authorChannelUrl, authorChannelId.value, videoId, textDisplay, canRate, viewerRating, likeCount, publishedAt, updatedAt



if (FALSE) { # Set API token via yt_oauth() first get_comment_threads(filter = c(video_id = "N708P-A45D0")) get_comment_threads(filter = c(video_id = "N708P-A45D0"), max_results = 101) }